Game Developer Trainer

January 24, 2023

Job Description

A radical new way for you to continuously learn, grow, and gain cutting-edge and in-demand industry skills. A refreshing learning experience that makes you highly competent to take on the modern competitive business world.
Job Description
  • Training students to develop Games using C# & C++ programming language.
  • Should be able to clearly explain to students – OOPS concept, programming logic & algorithms.
  • Addon advantage skill should be fully conversant with Mathematics and Physics concepts (Such as Vector, Coordinate System, Matrices, Quaternion etc.) used in game programming
Required Skill Set:
  • Strong working knowledge and experience of C#, C++ & Game engine (Unity3D, unreal engine) its application in game development is must & required (training, working experience)
  • Very strong knowledge of OOPS concept (Such as Encapsulation, Inheritance, polymorphism etc.), programming logics & Algorithms is mandatory
  • Mathematics, Physics & its Concepts (such as Vector, Coordinate System, Matrices, Quaternion etc.)
  • Should able develop game-based content.
  • Good communicator (both oral and written) in English
  • Self-motivated, initiator and results-oriented
  • Should demonstrate positive attitude, high motivation, and interpersonal skills
  • Candidate should have shipped minimum of 2 games to any platform.
  • Should have a strong exposure to either mobile/PC game platforms & has strong command on one or more game publishing concepts
  • Languages: English (Must), Hindi (Add-on)
  • Previous experience in EdTech and start-ups is a huge plus.
Any other skill set:
  • Enjoys working with people of all ages
  • Efficiently organized, with the ability to maintain detailed records
  • Ability to execute events in a well-coordinated and planned manner Encouraging
  • Compassionate
  • Time management and follow-up skills
  • Software professional who are passionate to teach and share knowledge, will be preferred.