Advanced Parenting Skills
Childcare and EYFS
Diploma in Dog Grooming
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
Caregiver Support Services Training - Preventing the Spread of Infection
Special Needs School Shadow Support
Applied Behaviour Analysis
Back Care and Manual Handling (Theory)
Introduction to Developmental Disorders
Anti-Bullying Training
Child Care - Health and Safety
Manicure Treatment and Nail Polish Application
Diploma in Food Industry Roles and Responsibilities
Diploma in Special Needs
Introduction to Time Management
Diploma in Depression
Professionalism in the Office
Principles of Childhood Development
Diploma in Physical Fitness
Mental Health Studies - Understanding Behaviour, Burnout and Depression
Introduction to Customer Service Excellence
Hidden Secrets Of Psychology - Why Do People Do The Things They Do?
Diploma in Leadership and Management Styles
How to Lift and Tint Eyelashes